Friday, 4 August 2017

Woodside Inn Colaba, Mumbai

Woodside Inn- There's is something comfy about this rustic Bar and cafe, with its wooden interiors and homely feel it's a place that you feel familiar in even if it is your first visit. Being close to home I have visited Woodside Inn Colaba on quite a few occasions and the food, drinks and service have always been superb! In the food industry which is so competitive with new places opening up every other day to make a mark and sustain yourself by being true to your food and flavours for so many years needs to be applauded. I was invited for their 10th Beer and Burger festival recently and the menu was so well thought out with so many new innovations to the burgers, they also have an regular menu with house favourite bar snacks, pizzas and some mains available. Along with the burgers they are introducing two new brews specially crafter for the #BnBFest2017 in association with Gateway Brewing Company- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. To try out these refreshing beers and delicious burgers head to Woodside Inn since the festival lasts only till the 27th of August 2017. Cheers!
Cold Pressed Fresh Orange Juice.

Mr. HYDE - Belgian Ale - An intense with spice including Belgian yeast, and notesof orange, citrus and coriander.
Pepperoni Pizza - The pizza was juicy and delicious. It was loaded with cheese and the generous amount of pepperoni was amazing. Thin crust and I must say it is one of the best ones I have had till date.
Crab Carnival - Tempura fried soft shell Crab, with Togarashi spice, Shriracha mayo, Pickled veg served in a delicious Charcoal bun with Red cabbage slaw and Prawn crackers on the side.
Black Foul: Teriyaki Chicken with Sauteed pak choi, Peanuts, Capers, Cherry tomatoes, Wasabi mayo served in a Black Sesame bun with French fries and Red cabbage slaw.
 You must also try Dr. JEKYLL which is a Wheat Ale, a soothing and effervescent ale, replete with notes of mango, pineapple and peach. 

Walnut Chocolate Gooey Cake: I completely drooled over this one one of the best I've had served with vanilla ice cream this one is a must try!

What and Where? Beer and Burger Festival at Woodside Inn till the 27th August 2017 to celebrate their 10th Anniversary. Do go and explore, we highly recommend the #BnBFest2017 and we Congratulate them on their success. Let me know about your experiences till then Take Care and Happy Friday!

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