Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Delicacies with US Apples and FBAI at Theory Lower Parel Mumbai

probably gives you the impression that apples are the healthiest fruits. This proverb was first mentioned  more than a century ago and is usually said it whenever we see or eat an apple. Similarly to other fruits Apples also benefit us in many ways. It contains zero cholesterol, fat and sodium. It also has a low calorie count and its perfect for the one's who are trying to loose weight.
Recently I was invited for a 4 course sit down meal hosted by the FBAI - Food Bloggers Association of India and USAEC - United States Apple Export Council at Theory, Kamla Mills, Mumbai where Chef Clyde had curated a meal with "Apples" being the star ingredient.
Apples can be used as a main ingredient and can be infused and paired with so many other ingredients which I never knew. Well I witnessed Culinary Art where Chef Clyde showcased this sheer talent.
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The evening started with flares of apple based sangria's, mocktails and cocktails. I started with a glass of Red wine Apple Sangria.
First course: Curried Carrot and Apple Soup - Comforting soup which had a pleasant flavor.
Second course: Poached Apple with goat cheese - Crunchy endives with red wine poached apples, drizzled with red wine reduction served with gratinated goat cheese and hazelnut. Super refreshing salad a great combination of apples with goat cheese.
Third course: Chicken Roulade with Apple Jus - Moist chicken roulade stuffed with mushrooms forestiere and gruyere on a bed of peronata and brandy apple jus. A great combination simply lip-smacking!
Fourth course: Desserts: Apple Baklava - This was the best part of the evening. For me dessert is really important. This was absolutely sinful. The sugar levels were low and this was served with Vanilla ice cream.
I also tried the Apple Cheese Cake which was Gluten free and which was served with a burnt butter ice cream.

Verdict: A great evening spent with the FBAI - Food Bloggers Association of India  and USAEC - United States Apple Export Council. The overall dinner was delicious showcasing the gourmand possibilities with apples. Special mention: Chef Clyde did not over cook the apples in any of the courses as over cooked apples tend to loose flavor and texture. Theory played the perfect host - the staff was super polite and very attentive. Thank you FBAI - Food Bloggers Association of India  for having me there. 

I am going to incorporate US Apples in my diet regularly and try and make some new recipes. Let me know in the comment section if you have a recipe with apples, may be I can learn from you. Till then take care, eat healthy and exercise regularly!

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  1. This is interesting. Guess apples can be used for more than what we can think haha. Anyways, I love eating apples and they really help me consume some salads faster.