Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Bombay Havelli Charni Road, Mumbai

The Bombay Havelli is a brainchild of Marzy Parakh (an ex banker with a corporate catering business), Parth Dalal (an ex banker) and Sarthak Oza (A CA student and a budding chef). They realized that whenever a family goes to dine out, one age group has to compromise on their choice of food be it the kids or young ones, parents or grandparents. Therefore, they have tried to bridge that gap. They believe that 3 generations of a family can dine together at The Bombay Havelli.
The Decor: With a name like that, we expect a grand entrance, chandelier lighting, brightly colored cushions on low diwans and murals. We get all that and more. The vegetarian restaurant that opened at Charni Road, even has a stair lift to help senior citizens to make their way to the upper section, probably a first for a restaurant in the city. A hand-painted wall opposite us, makes us feel like we are looking out from a havelli to the garden outside. The warm lighting adds to the ethnic appeal of the interiors.

I was invited to review and taste the food at The Bombay Havelli with a food group call Khao Piyo Local. Here are some of the dishes i loved:
Refreshing Masala Soda
Global Platter:
Patra: Layers of colocasia leaves alternated with layers of a sweet, spicy and sour spread comprising of besan, imli paste and masalas. These roundels are stir fried along with some sesame seeds, mustard seeds and then topped with fresh coriander. 

Coconut Pattice: sweet-spicy coconut based green masala stuffed inside a boiled potato ball and deep fried to perfection. 

Rajwadi Dhokli: Steamed besan and curd based preparation cut into cubes and shallow fried along with sesame seeds, mustard seeds and sugar that caramelises on its outer surface to yield a sweet tinge. 

Cheese Tukdi: Bread stuffed with a spicy onion based masala and oodles of grated cheese, rolled up and deep fried till crisp.

Beiruti Hummus with Zatar Pita. 

Parmesan Baby Potatoes.
Patra Ni Paneer: A vegetarian version of the Patra ni Machhi. 
Fillet of paneer marinated in a sweet and spicy parsi chutney and steamed in a banana leaf.

Traditional dabeli:
Kutchh based dabeli masala mixed with mashed potatoes, masala singh and topped with sev.

TBH ki Khasiyat:
A rich red gravy with hara bhara dumplings stuffed with grated paneer.

Methi Thepla, Lasaniya Bateta and Chhundo: A semi-dry preparation of boiled potatoes in a spicy and garlicky gravy served with trademarked Gujarati dish - Methi Thepla and he sweet and sour raw mango pickle - chhundo.

Chola Bhatura: One of my favorite dishes in the mains, being a Punjabi i think Chola Bhatura is in my blood. 

Dal dhokli: A sweet surti gujarati dal with flat dhoklis and boiled peanuts cooked slowly until the dhoklis soften. Its the presence of whole masalas that escalate the flavour to another level.

Dal Baati Churma: A rajasthani classic. Spiced up mix of dals served with ghee soaked baatis served with sweet churma on the side.

Crushed papad, bikaneri bhujia, chopped onions, tomatoes, squeeze of lime and masalas.

Motichoor Gulab jamun parfait: a layer of gulab jamun topped with motichoor and mildly sweetened rabdi.

Jalebi and gulkand infused rabdi absolutely sinful!

Verdict: A perfect place for me for my vegetarian tuesday's and that's something close to home as me and my family love dining out and exploring new restaurants in the vicinity.

There's something you should know about the place: 
The Bombay Havelli is here to devoutly offer this objective and set new standards of social responsibility in the restaurant industry.
Over 30% of their profits go to their foundation that helps people with physical disabilities for medical and educational aid.
They also source many of their products from those who are physically disabled.
They also have a platform where the disabled can reach out to them in order to work with them full time or part time and they also offer to help them to set up their business or source funds and operational guidance.
Their staff comprises of waiters and attendants who have disabilities.
Happy Faces after all the lip-smacking food. Here's me with KPL Gang.

Getting there: Ground Floor, Ladhabhai Mansion, Opera House, Next to Vijay Sales, Charni Road, Mumbai.

I am going to suggest everyone to go there once at least. I loved the ambience, service and food. Let me know in the comment section what did you think about the place when you visit it. Till then take care.

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  1. All the pictures look so nice and exotic. I would definitely give this restaurant 5 stars just for the concept of everyone being able to dine at one place. Love the post, keep it up.

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