Saturday, 22 April 2017

Recipe - Palak Chicken Drumsticks

Palak Chicken Drumsticks is one of the most delicious north Indian traditional dish. It is an amazing combination of chicken and spinach. This is a recipe has many names. A popular dish in which the succulent meat is cooked and simmered with spices in a nutritious sauce made with spinach. It provides proteins and fiber in one dish and goes well with naan, paratha’s or roti’s.

Serves: 2-3 | Cooking Level: Moderate | Cooking time: 30 - 40 mins

4 Chicken Drumsticks
4 Green Chilies
2 medium size onions
1 ½-table spoon garlic paste
1 table spoon ginger
4-5 medium size tomatoes
1 bunch of finely chopped and washed Palak (spinach)
Masalas – Red chili powder, Coriander powder, Turmeric powder, Garam masala and Salt to taste

1. Take a non-stick pan and put a big spoon of ghee in it.

2. Add 2 medium size finely chopped onions, garlic, and fry until they turn golden brown.

3. On the other side grind the tomatoes with green chilies and ginger paste.

4. When the onions turn brown, add the tomatoes puree.

5. Now add masala's like: 
  • 1 table spoon of salt 
  • ½-tea spoon turmeric powder 
  • 1 table spoon of red chili powder 
  • 1 table spoon of coriander powder 

6. Mix all the above ingredients and cook with a lid on for 5-10 minutes.

7. Now put the Chicken Drumsticks and cover the pan with a lid and allow it to cook for about 20 minutes.

8. Open the lid and add the finely chopped palak (spinach)

9. Cover it with a lid again and let the palak (spinach) cook for 10 minutes.

10. Once the palak (spinach) is cooked, add garam masala and cover the chicken drumsticks with the gravy and masala. Please note: Keep the gravy semi dry so that you can serve with naan, paratha’s or roti’s.

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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Bohemian Brew Khar West, Mumbai

Bohemian Brew is a modern age bistro, sheesha lounge and tea room that serves a global selection of handpicked, organic, single origin, exotic, direct import teas. We use state of the art brewing equipment to give you a theatrical tea drinking experience and a food menu that compliments perfectly with our list of teas.

Their food is a mix of Mediterranean and Continental cuisine to reflect the Bohemian theme and includes dishes like Tea Leaf Salad, Watermelon and Feta Salad, Zahtar Spiced Chicken Skewers, Prawns Balchao, Potato Gnocchi With Tomato Butter Sauce, Roasted Garlic and Mascarpone Risotto, Iranian Chelo Kebab and many more. The menu is set in a way that it pairs perfectly with their teas. The focus is on quality ingredients, traditional recipes and an ambiance that will get you in the Bohemian Groove.

Decor: Super classy decor with colorful upholstery & lamps, gives one a comfortable and soothing feel. They have also made a small section, for patrons in their basement for people who enjoy reading books with a cup of tea. There is also an outside seating, where they serve sheesha and this section is very popular for all the sheesha lovers. 

Chef Rahul Desai has studied from Le Cordeau Bleu and has also worked with famous restaurants like Indigo, Masala Library, Taj Goa.  He being the chef and a partner in this venture with Nitesh Raheja and Nevil Kotal who make sure that the food is not compromised on at any level, thus leaving your taste-buds completely satisfied. I must also compliment these guys for their great hospitality & humble nature. According to me people who are humble are the most successful people in the world and I'm sure these guys are going to go a long long way. I was invited to Bohemian Brew for a review, here are some of the dishes I loved:
Refreshing Lemon Iced Tea
Watermelon and Feta Salad: Thai flavors infused with a  sweet and spicy watermelon with mascarporne and feta cheese garnished with shaved fennel and pine nuts. An amazing blend of all tastes - sweet, spicy, tangy and cheesy!
Spicy Cheesy Kuboos: Sauteed Vegetables and Cheese stuffed between two flatbreads and lightly grilled served with a spicy cajun sauce. No one makes better CAJUN SAUCE like them. Loved the flavors!
Spiced Guava - Refreshing & Spicy!
Classic Chicken Caesars Salad . My most favorite salad which is packed with fiber and protein. We loved this fresh salad & were impressed with the generosity of the portion.
Cottage Cheese Steak with Ratatouille: Cottage cheese steak served with a side of Ratatouille provencale and garnished with Basil pesto and pine nuts. As soon as I tried this dish it the paneer melted in my mouth then i asked Chef Rahul on the secret of this dish. He explained the cottage cheese is painstakingly pound and mixed with the right herbs and spices, then set into a patty, so it’s not just a blob of paneer. You will fall in love with this dish just the way I did.
Falafel with Hummus: Chickpea Croquettes served with Hummus garnished with Cumin and Zahtar spice. Trust me guys the best Hummus in Mumbai that I've had till date..Go explore!
Zahtar Spiced Chicken: Zahtar spice marinated chicken chunks served with a lemon coriander dip and fresh pita.
The yummiest in the mains The Grilled Chicken with three Peppercorn Veloute served with mash potatoes and mixed grilled vegetables. Tempting enough to be wiped off completely.
"A cup of tea solves everything" - Bohemian Brew offers 30 varieties of tea - The best that I've seen so far. From Black to Green to Oolong to White to Infusions to Flowering to Normal Chai they have it all. All you Tea lovers go explore this fantastic place which offers the Best tea in the burbs.
Verdict: A place that impressed me and my taste buds completely. Chef Rahul Desai has nailed it where it comes to flavors and portions. Their food is clean, well plated and definitely delicious. I've finally found my hangout in Khar. Would I want to go there again.. Of course YES!! and this time I'm going to try their other delicacies, desserts and smoke Sheesha. Bohemian Brew is THE place for me. I can't wait to go there again.

I had a fun chat with the Chef Rahul Desai & the co-owners Nitesh Raheja and Nevil Kotal. Click on the link below to see more:
Here’s a photograph with Bohemian Brew's Chef Rahul Desai who took such good care of me and made me feel really special. Thank you Chef for having me there, Great Hospitality a total Win Win!! We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Bohemian Brew Khar West, Mumbai

Getting there: Shop 1, Mahesh Apartment, TPS III Road 5, Off SV Road, Khar, Mumbai

Phone number 022 33126722
Table booking recommended

Continental, Mediterranean, Moroccan, Lebanese

AVERAGE₹1,200 for two people (approx.)
Cash and Cards accepted 

I’d love to chat with you in the comments section do let me know about your experiences at Bohemian Brew. Till then Take care!

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