Thursday, 15 December 2016

Recipe - Basic Green Smoothie

Green smoothies are are a great energizing wat to start your mornings. They incorporate the goodness of greens with the sweetness of fruit. 

To make a great green smoothie mix about ½ or less green leaves & about 2/3 fruit (except melons) & a bit of water. Flavorings can be added as needed (ginger, mint, lemon zest). Smoothies should not be strained. Do not add melons, vegetables (except green leaves), nuts or seeds. It’s the best to alternate between the different kind of greens – spinach, mint, coriander, celery greens, spring onions, pak choy, beetroots, basil, betel etc. Bananas, mangoes, papayas, chikoo, grapes, passion fruit's & other pulpy fruits make a good smoothie. Here’s the basic recipe. 

2 frozen ripe bananas (you can also use fresh ones instead) 
A large handful of greens 
¼ cup of water 

Place the green leaves in the blender with enough water to blend. 
Blend till the smooth green soup. 
Add the bananas and the other fruits. 
Add a couple of cubes of ice if needed. 
Enjoy this refreshing Smoothie!


  1. This recipe was really good. Thanks for sharing again. I had lost the recipe so grateful for this :).