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MASQUE – Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

Just three words to describe my experiences at this gorgeous yet simple fine dining restaurant “Fine Culinary Art” Yes!! that's the name I've given MASQUE. The whole idea of personalized portions with gorgeous plating made me feel that I was a part of the International show called MasterChef. While molecular gastronomy seems to be the flavor of the season, Mumbai’s culinary scene also includes chefs and eateries that champion all things local and seasonal. MASQUE located at Laxmi Mills at Mahalaxmi in Mumbai is a fine dining restaurant that aims to introduce patrons to the range of flavors and produce from all over India. Chef Prateek Sadhu travels himself all over to source the flavors & supplies of the season but the real talking point is the food. Farm to table, a concept which has restaurants eliminate the middle vendors and purchase directly from farms, steering the focus to locally produced. The ambiance of the place is just accentuated by the perfect setting of the lighting. 




I always use my own photos for my blog, however that night of the review it was a house full and there were some celebrities on a few tables thus didn't want to disturb their privacy so requested the management for the above photos. Credits: Ashish Shah

FOOD - Masque exemplifies the spirit of botanical bistronomy, harnessing regional produce to create a seasonal menu with international flair. Infusing the country’s abundant produce with unique ideas and innovations, they create dishes that not only surprise, but also delight. 
Their philosophy of being indigenous means we follow climactic changes very closely. Seasons affect produce, and so it’s only natural that their menu changes as the seasons do. This ensures that their food uses the highest quality ingredients and reflects the relationship Masque shares with the soil and the farmers. Each plate of Masque’s culinary ballad has a story to tell, making their food a talking point with our guests. 
The best part is while the dishes are served the chefs personally comes to your table with an explanation of what is being served and from where they have been sourced from. Also I took a step forward where I had so many questions in my mind about the dishes and I must compliment the Chefs as they had a ready answer explaining me about these dishes in detail. Chef Sadhu has done 18 months of research for their current menu as mentioned by him. We were invited to review this restaurant and we took their 10 course meal which can be paired either with Wine or Cocktails. I prefer cocktails over Wine. Here are a few Cocktails & Dishes that we loved and Highly recommend.

O2 - Rum, Kale & cucumber juice with honey and tonic water loved this cocktail as it was super refreshing because of the cucumber. Great part about their cocktails is that they only use premium alcohol totally up class.

Heirloom Tomato - Heirloom tomatoes, compressed in tomato juice, topped with buffalo milk feta, arugula pesto, potato straws and complementing microgreens.

Angel Hair | Garlic Chives - Angel hair pasta tossed in saffron sauce, with a chive cream and marigold flowers.
Himalayan Rye Sourdough - House made rye sourdough with spring onion and white butter.

Gravity - Rum, Apple, and Seabucthorn Beer.

Prawns | Swiss Chard - Prawns cooked sous vide, served with Swiss chard, jicama and fennel.'

Pork Cheek | Apple Cider - Pork cheek marinated in soy, sake, miren, coriander roots, ginger and apple cider.

Palate Cleanser

Chicken | Barbecue - Barbecue chicken served with a lime cream and pickles.

A customized cocktail made with Vodka and Passion fruit.

Gravity - Tea liqueur, jasmine tea

Avocado with Kimchi served  with bread.

Corn | Black Raisin - Black raisin granola, corn ice cream, and popping candy.

Rhubarb | Almond - Chocolate crumble, first-press almond milk and ginger ice cream, rhubarb.

Spearmint | Passionfruit - Chocolate covered 'twigs', chocolate spearmint leaves, and passion fruit meringue.

Here's Chef Prateek Sadhu the man responsible for the "Fine Culinary Art" as they say you eat with your eyes his food looks so good it made my work easy. MASQUE is not just a fine dining restaurant it's an extraordinary experience and I highly recommend it. Thank you Chef for having us there. 

I would like to chat with you in my comments section do let me know about your experiences at MASQUE. till then Take care and Happy Holidays! 

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